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The Truth Behind Mechanical Polished Surfaces

It has been an unwritten rule for years that the best passive and corrosion resistant stainless steel surfaces will have a Cr/Fe ratio in excess of 1.5/1 which in many cases is easily achievable. It is also well known and standard practice in the Pharmaceutical Industry, the acceptable roughness average of material in production vessels and water systems is a 15-25Ra value, many times achieved through a mechanical polishing procedures. It is this procedure that in this writer’s opinion causes many of the problems experienced today with the formation of the “gray residue” and Class 1 rouge that has plagued end users for years.

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EG14AM7 Product Announcement

We are pleased to announce that we are manufacturing and have inventory on .5” and .75” OD size B length ferrules in the 1.125” lengths. Previously we have manufactured these with a 2” length. You may be aware the industry standard for the 1.5” through 4” od size B length ferrules are 1.125”. This new change in length on the .5” and .75” ferrules will allow harmony between the product range and better match the industry standard.

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Material Trends for High Purity and Sanitary Applications
By: Ken Kimbrel

For several years stainless steel has been the workhorse processors have used in tough corrosive environments and for the most part, it has performed well. In recent years however, when it comes to new installations or even repairs to existing process lines, today’s stainless steel doesn’t perform as well in the same application as stainless steel of years past. Additionally, with the advent of newer buffer solutions in the pharmaceutical industry we are experiencing higher than ever chloride levels which attack stainless steel causing pitting and crevice corrosion.

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VNE Welcomes Ken Kimbrel

VNE Corporation is pleased to announce that Ken Kimbrel has joined our Company as Product Manager, Special Alloys. Ken is responsible for the long-term and short-term domestic sales and marketing, planning of the Special Alloys product line and will manage the product life cycle by strategic and tactical activities. He attended Tulsa Community College and has an extensive background in the engineering, equipment manufacturing, and is a NACE International Board-Certified Corrosion Technician. His expertise includes corrosion evaluation, material selection, surface finish evaluation, and rouge remediation.

Ken is the current Chair of the ASME BPE. He has served as inaugural chair of Sub Committee on Metallic Materials and as past Chair of the Surface Finish Sub Committee. He is a member of the Sub Committees on Accreditation, the Standards committee, Executive committee and author of several technical papers.

He is a member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), ASM International (ASM), the International Metallographic Society (IMS), the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), Heat Treating Society (HTS), Failure Analysis Society (FAS).

Please welcome Ken to VNE with a friendly phone call or e-mail (417-827-2526, and be sure to ask about our Special Alloys program.

New Product - PVE Single Seat Valves

Introducing the New and Improved Line of Pneumatic 3A PVE Single Seat Valves for Sanitary Applications. The ideal solution for sterile and hygienic product contact requirements.

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Product News and Updates

VNE now stocking metric transition pieces.

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